CSS Help

If you have a stylesheet called my.css, you enable that sheet on a webpage by adding the following between the head tags.

<link href="my.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

There are thousands of fonts available, but if a user doesn't have the specific font that you request on their computer, a different font will be used and your page will not look as intended. The following link shows a number of fonts that are guaranteed to be available on all computers.

Web Safe Fonts

Colors are usually specified using a hex value. This hex value is usually written as #rrggbb. Where rr is the red contribution, gg is the green contribution and bb is the blue contribution. A good website to show you the hex value for a particular color is the Adobe Kuler website. Link is below.

Adobe Kuler Website

There are many, many websites that offer help on HTML and CSS. One very good one is the W3Schools site.