weston hurst

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About Me

hi my name is weston i enjoy playing sports, i attend kenwood academy,my favorite subject is science.

Three Things I Learned During This Program

  1. programed a robot
  2. made my very own game
  3. used liquid nitrogen

Monday's Project Log

on monday first we learned about different science factors then we came to the lab and made LED lights and played with them and made different games and sounds with them and we used a small speaker and connected it to the lights and it made sounds .

Tuesday's Project Log

on tuesday we i was show demonstrations of what happens when you put two of the same forces together.then i was shown what happens when you put something in liquid nitrogen.

Wednesday's Project Log

on wednesday we programed our very own robots.we did things like make them follow lines go through mazes and even fight each other. i won most of the robot fights.. i also could change the way the robot went and the speed that it was at.and it was very cool and fun.

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