Sanaa Judah


About Me

My name is Sanaa I like to dance,eat,and sleep.I go to Perspectives IIT Math & Science Academy.



Three Things I Learned During This Program

  1. I learned how to use an arduino,and bread-board to make LED lights light up.
  2. I measured magnitude of a magnet by testing out different magnet to get the measurements.
  3. I programed a robot to do complete a maze and do sumo wrestling.

Monday's Project Log

The objective of the project was to get the LED lights to light up,so you have to connect wires to an Arduino board then connect them to a Bread-Board,put a resistor in front with the LED light a few inches away then the light flashes on and off.>p<

Tuesday's Project Log

.Today i measured the magnitude of a magnet using a magnometer and a ruler.I measured in inches so as I moved further away from the sensor the magnitude got lower.

Wednesday's Project Log

Today we created robots!!!So you connect the arduino to the robot,upload the program then test it out on a maze,sumo wrestling,etc..

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