Ndiaye Dioum

picture of me picture of me

About Me

I hate my school. My first name is Mame. My favorite color is sky blue and purple. I love fries. I love my family. I have one sister, one brother, and one annoying cousin that is living with me.

Three Things I Learned During This Program

  1. How to program a robot.
  2. How to make a picture get upload to a webpage.
  3. Also how to make a webpage.

Monday's Project Log

Today I learned, how to program a LED light and I learned that a tv turns off and on so fast that you don't even notice it. With a push of a button and some wires I made a Led light turn on.

Tuesday's Project Log

Today we did some experiments before we went to the computer room and I programed a computer again.

Wednesday's Project Log

On Wednesday,We did coding things with the robots like mazes,wrestling,and etc. Go to the 2017 Program page