Landon White

picture of me

There are many things that like to do but my top 5 are,

1. Biking

3 Main Things I Learned During This Program
  • 1. I learned how to code robots, I put code for line following and sumo wrestling.
  • 2. Next I learned how to use wires, LED's, resistors to make different circuts.
  • 3. Last but not least we learned some cool concepts in physics from angular momentum to electricity and magnetism.
  • Monday's Project Log

    blinking light
    blinking light with button
    These two photos are both of blinking lights I made. The only difference between the two is that the one
    on the top is "automatic" and the one on the bottom is operated by the push of a button.

    image of memory game
    By the end of the first day we had already made a game,The memory Game.

    Tuesday's Project Log

    On Tuesday we made magnetometers,they detected how close or far magnets were. Mine gave me alot of intresting data which I learned to average out and make graphs based on that data.

    Wednesday's Project Log

    On Wednesday we made zumo bots. They did many things including sumo wresling and line following,but my favorite was the maze solver program.


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