Arashi Wilson

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About Me

I like to play soccer, and even though I have lived mostly in chicago, I was born in Cali

Three Things I Learned During This Program

  1. how to use arudino
  2. how to use a zumobot
  3. robots are smart

Monday's Project Log

This sounds vey odd, but for the light, if you put the two variables as 17, and put it up to the camera, you can see it doing some weird slide. while I just see it blinking and also, I learned alot about this board thing.


Tuesday's Project Log

Today we did some stuff in the first room with magnets and liquid nitrogen. It was cool because some stuff happened that I thought was only for movies. and we measured gravitational pulls. with the breadboard


Wednesday's Project Log

on wednesday we used the Arudino chip for zumo bots. Some peopple did a maze, but me and some others made them do sumo macthes. I won alot bot lost a little bit and I made the sumo go faster.

noeky noeky

in the museum

On thursday in the museum we wen't to many exhibits but the robot one that intrigued me the most was the robot exhibit. It showed hor far technology has come, but also how scary smart they are. robo


on friday, I havent seen the presentations yet (I'm making this in the middle of the day) But we had a sumo tournament for our robots, and I won the tournament and the cage match! robo Go to the 2017 Program page