Amber Lee

UC Shield

About Me

Hi im Amber,I'm 13 years old,my birthday was June 26.I go to Rudyard kipling Elementary school. I'm going to 8th grade,and I really want to go to jones college prep or Whitney young high school.My favorite animals are Pandas,dogs and polar bears.I love the colors teal, lime green,and pink. My faviorte food is pizza and chicken.Well there you go you should know somethings about me now.!

Three Things I Learned During This Program

  1. what "GND" stands for (ground)1
  2. I learned
  3. Item 3

Monday's Project Log

Today I learned how to make a LED flash.Also with that same project I learned how to make the flash go on my own speed.One more thing I learned yesterday was how to control an LED light with a button.

Tuesday's Project Log

On Tuesday I learned that we can make a light come on with a machine,how a magent can make a light bend, and one more thing I is different types of materials such as copper,rubber, and metal.

Wednesday's Project Log

Before you leave on Wednesday, write a few sentences about what you did and what you learned.

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