Shelby Fletcher

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About Me

My name is Shelby. Im 12 years old and I used to go to McDade Classical. I did cheerleading while at that school which was pretty fun but painful at the same time. Now im going to Lindblom, which im excited about. It's a really big school with high schoolers, 4 levels and so many other teachers.Im probably going to get lost but hopefully not. I like watching Netflix and YouTube like all day long. My favorite show on Netflix is Pretty Little Liars and YouTube I watch everything from DIYs to gaming videos. I do ballet, jazz and modern dancing which I really enjoy. I also like to sleep but I can't really do that all the time because school. At this camp, I programmed a lot of things like a LED, a LCD screen, and a robot that can follow a line or solve a maze. The robots got confused a lot, but that was the funny part. The camp wasn't what I thought it wpuld be and it was really fun. But thats all.

Three Things I Learned During This Program

  1. I learned how to use a breadboard and an Arduino
  2. I learned how to read certain parts of code
  3. That the Big Bang Theory basically was the start of the world
  4. UC Shield UC Shield
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