Miranda Rodriguez

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About Me

Hey my name is Miranda rodriguez.I have an older sister and a dog.I love to play basketball.I'm going to Lindblom.I'm excited to go there.I like watching Youtube and Full House.And my favorite song is ONE DANCE.I love math.My favorite color is aqua.

Projects I learned this week!!

  1. Today I learned how to power on a blinking light.It was very interesting.I also got to learn how to do a little speaker that made a sound. I had fun trying new things.It was difficult,but cool.Down below you will be able to see some photos and videos of what I did today. I hope you enjoy them.
    Blincking LEDlight bulbSpeaker
  2. Hello welcome back.Today we started working on....ROBOTS.It was so much fun.We had to program it in many diffrent ways. For Examples:Maze Solver,Line Follower,Sumo and many more.I also learned how to make the robot know were to go.I hope you enjoy!:)
    Working with Robots Working with RobotsThis is our little maze
  3. Hello Welcome back.Its me Miranda.Today what I worked on was programing the robot to go through the maze.it was difficult but super fun. Today I'm gonna show you a video of how the robot got through the maze.The picture in the middle is my partner and me.I hope you enjoy!:)
  4. Hello on thursday we went on a trip to the science museum.It was so much fun.We went through the mirror maze,airplane, and the LEGOS.
  • Thank you for looking at my web site.BYE