Jennifer Veal

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~Information About Jennifer Veal~

I was born May 16,2004 in Chicago, Illinois. My two sisters are Jessica and Jayla Veal. In technological matters, I value the advance many cellular and electronic devices have had in modern life. I first started an interest in technology when my parents got me a toy laptop when I was 6, I pretended like it was a real laptop. Eventually when I was 10, my parents got me a real laptop, that's how I learned about coding. I would spend time researching commands for the laptop's command prompt, which was pretty useless considering the fact that I could do all of that stuff regulary on my laptop. My mother and father noticed my particular interest in technology and started putting me in algebraic and robotic programs for the summer. I like to spend time researching codes, reading books, playing on my Xbox, cooking, doing homework, and playing with my dog.

Three Things Learned From This Program

  1. I learned how to control electronic sources with wires and a source of power.
  2. I also learned how to use a circuit board to display a digital message.
  3. I learned about electronic and magnetic forces.
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