Cameron Foster ;)


About Me

I am the ruler of this page(Because it's mine)!!!!!!! Bow down to me(you did not do it did you?)Ah, forget it. Anyway I think that Games are the meaning of life (also enjoying yourself). Anyway the highlight of the week was Billy. Billy is a LEGO person who drives my groups robot car thnigy. (that picture up there is billy and the robot) billy and the robot are the best robots in the class (no disagreeing) but only until the end af camp was he good though. My favrote thing to do on the computer is to play flash games.

Things I Learned During This Program

  1. Coding is hard(very!)
  2. Most of the stuff we do in in this camp is hard.
  3. You could'nt breath in space if earth blew up...
  4. You can't trust people
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