Anaya S.Jeffries

UC Shield robo

About Me

My name is Anaya,my DOB is Aug 11,04,I like playing animal jam play wild,drawing,crafting random stuff,and customizing/painting.The photo with the ZumoRobot is the robot I programmed to solve a maze,follow a black line,and battle another robot.

Four Things I Learned During This Program

  1. I learned how to make a LED light blink then I added more and they blinked when I figured out how to work the cords.
  2. I also learned how to use the speaker with the blinking LED lights.
  3. I also learned how to put togther a breadboard that links the cords to a prototyping platform.
  4. I also learned how to program a robot to follow black tape,battle other robots as in push each other out the black tape,and solve a maze.
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