Shane Anderson

A Picture of Me

About Me

I'm going to the 7th grade at Kenwood High Academy. My favorite hobby is solving the Rubik's Cube. My favorite sport is Basketball but I also play Football and Soccer. My favorite branch of Science is Physics and my favorite subject of school. My favorite Physicist is Albert Einstein but Max Planc is a close second.

Things I Learned During This Program

  1. I learned that the biggest camera in the world is about 100 megapixels and takes about 40 Million photos every second.
  2. That all robots are programmed differently to achieve the certain goal that they were created for.

My favorite part of this program was when they used liquid nitrogen to freeze a specific type of metal so that when placed on a magnetic track would hover and if given enough force will even spiral in circles. This was my favorite part of camp because I learned something I never learned before.