Noah Seals

Noah Seals

UC Shield

About Me

Im in the 7th grade going to Kenwood academy My favorite subject os reading. I love playing soccer and other sports. I like to work with computers. I went to the U of C labratory for pre-school and then i went to Murray Language Academy for 6 years

Three Things I Learned During This Program

    I learned more about the laws of physics and how robots worked. I learned how to work better with codes and how to put them into machinces. I learned how u have to work really hard if you want your machince to work

My favorite part of this program was putting codes in robots in the lab trying to make it do the obsticle course that i had help setting up. Overall this camp was really cool and i was able to learn and do a lot in one week. The trachers and college students were nice and helpful. A fun experience and I hope to come here next year.