jahia collier

UC Shield

A Little Bit About Me

I'm 13 years old. I love food. My favorite subject is math and creative writing.I go to Kenwood Academy.

My Experince

  1. Day 1
  2. The first day coming here I saw many old faces and a couple of new faces. I wasn't excited at all to come here. Coming gave me an experience that I wouldn't forget just by what I accomplished the first day. I was able to work with a LED light,create my own website,watch someone play with liquid nitroegen and even progam the frequency of a blinking light.
    UC Shield
  3. Day 2
  4. At the beginning of the day it all sort of felt like a review. I knew about atoms and protons.I knew how a rainbow it's made colors and I learned all about waves. I thought today was going to be boring but, that all turned around when I actually got to create and program a robot.Also I met someone new.
  5. Day 3
On Thursday we went to The Muesem of Science and Industry. My favorite thing about going there was seeing the robot that looked like a baby seal, it was so adorable.
UC Shield

My favorite part of this program was .........

I still haven't figured that out yet.

Things I learned

  1. ~What an Arduino is.
  2. ~Equation E=mc2
  3. ~How to upload pictures on website
  4. ~The difference between a light and a lazor