Dymarkco Davis

Hogwarts crest

About Me

I am in 7th grade I attended Murray Language Academy for 4 years. I will be going to Lane Tech's academic center. I won 3 spelling bee's at Murray and I went to Chicago's citywide spelling bee. I enjoy reading the Harry Potter series and the twilight series. My 2 favorite subjects in school are science and math. For college I would like to go to MIT. After college I would like to have a career at Google.

Three Things I Learned During This Program

  1. I learned that on the bread board the type of resistor determines how bright the led will be
  2. I learned how to make a circuit using bread board and arduino and how to edit my code
  3. I learned how to program an arduino board to make a robot

My favorite part of this program was building and playing with the robots and making my own website.