Astarte Abbott

A picture of me staring at the camera.

First Day...

This is me on my first day if the internship, I'm taking a picture for my webpage.

Link to video of the LED blink:

Hooking up the Arduino and bread board to make the LED light blink.

This is after I hooked up the bread board to the Arduino and made an LED blink.

About Me

I'm twelve, my favorite subjects in school are Reading and Science. I love to read, and I am interested in going to Kenwood Highschool for my 8th grade year. I was interested in this Internship for the summer because I like to do physics and science.

Things I Learned During This Program

  1. I learned how to make a magnetometer, and as the magnet gets farther away from the Arduino board, the magnitude starts to lower.
  2. How to program a robot.
  3. I learned how to make an LED blink.

My favorite part of this program was going to the Musuem of Science and Industry and seeing the robot exhibit..