2014 Summer Outreach Program
July 7 - July 11, 2014
Samuel Kersten Physics Teaching Center
5720 S Ellis Avenue

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Each year approximately 20 7th grade students from several schools near Hyde Park are selected by their teachers to participate in the Enrico Fermi Summer Internship at the University of Chicago. The internship includes lectures led by university professors, laboratory experiments designed to give students an opportunity to apply concepts learned in lectures, and a field trip to a science center or museum. Students will learn about science, computers, and electronics in a fun way, and will build electronic games and devise their own experiments to test some scientific concepts. Ideal candidates have demonstrated potential and interest in science and show an eagerness to learn outside of their typical class environment. Interns are expected to arrive promptly to the Kersten Physics Teaching Center daily in order for lectures to begin at 9:30 am; the daily program ends at 1:00 pm.

The HEP Outreach Program is made possible with support from:

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Pictures from this year's program

group photo

Xavier Alston
Mariah Bingham
Kennedy Brown
Christian Carll-Moton
Phalair Carter
Christopher Edwards
Juan Garcia
Myles Hallas
Nyla Hughes
Micai Merriweather
Jasper Morrow
Tea Patterson
Jayda Stewart
Christian Veselits
Chloe Ware
Mathis Wint
Michaela Zollicoffer

Dave Schmitz
David Miller
Mary Heintz
Alex Kapadia
Mateo Portune
Shane Coffield
James Newton

Magnetometer Project
Another Magnetometer Project
Make an LED Blink
Control Blinking LED with Button
Use a Speaker
Two Note Keyboard
Using an LCD
Simple Memory Game

Magnetometer Instructions
Spreadsheet for Comparing Magnets
Spreadsheet for Magnetic Field vs Distance
CSS Help