Plot Temperature Data in Open Office

Given some temperature data like in the image below, the following steps show how to make a plot of the data.
initial temperature data

In our chart, "Time" will be on the x-axis and "Temperature" will be on the y-axis. So the first step is to highlight the data that goes on the y-axis.
highlight y-axis data

Click on the chart icon in the top menu bar to start your chart.
click on chart button

In the Chart Wizard window, change the chart type of Line and have it plot points and lines. Then click Next.
set up line chart

In the next window, click on the button to let you select a data range and then highlight all the temperature data. Then click Next.
select data range

In the Data Series step, click on the selection box for Categories.
category selection box

The window will change to let you select the range for the data series. Select all the time data.
select data series

The x-axis in your chart should now be using the time data for the labels. Click Next.
x-axis with time data

Give your chart a title and subtitle and label your axes. In this example, the legend was also turned off. And click Finish.

Now that we have our finished chart, we'd like to save it as a picture file so it can be posted on our website. We'll do this by opening our spreadsheet in a web browser and then saving the image. Go to File -> Preview in Web Browser
preview in web browser

Right-click on the image and choose 'Save Image As...'
save image as

Choose your Desktop as the location to save to and give your plot a name.
put file on desktop

Last Updated: June 2013