2012 Summer Outreach Program
June 18-22, 2011

The 2012 outreach participants heard lectures from Mark Oreglia, Joe O'Gallagher and Lauren Tompkins on topics in physics and solar energy. The hands-on labs involved designing a webpage, programming a microprocessor and learning about water resources.

The HEP Outreach Program is made possible with support from:

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Pictures taken during the program

activities in outreach program

Antonio Houlden
Eva Lewis
Grace Law
James Wasp
Mikaylah Evans
Thaddeus Gue
Torrence Gue
Zakiya Collier
Zoe Fleming

Mark Oreglia
Pem Chiang
Mary Heintz
Mike Karfunkle
Liz Lehman
Katie Schilling
Adil Tobaa

Hardware Projects
Make an LED Blink
Control Blinking LED with Button
Use a Speaker
Two Note Keyboard
Simple Memory Game

Other things to play around with, if we have time
Using an LCD
Using a Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Guess the Number Python Game

Software References
W3Schools HTML Examples
Installing Python on Windows
Official Python Website
Learn Python the Hard Way
arduino board

Intern map

Water Footprint Calculators
National Geographic
Water Footprint
H20 Conserve

Graphics About Water Conservation
Help Save Water
Stop Singing in the Shower
Not a Drop to Drink
21st Centry Challenges
The Big Thurst by Charles Fishman
Why You Should Care About Water Conservation

EPA Information About Water Quality
Bottled Water Scorecard
Drinking Water Contaminants

Wall Wisher
Ways We Have Used Water

Particle Physics
Particle Adventure
Crash Course in Particle Physics