2011 Summer Outreach Program
June 20-24, 2011

The 2011 outreach participants heard lectures from faculty member Mark Oreglia on topics in physics. The hands-on labs involved designing a webpage, programming a microprocessor and learning about energy, earth science and the human body.

The HEP Outreach Program is made possible with support from:

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Pictures Taken During the Program

activities in outreach program
Mark Oreglia
Mary Heintz
Sarah Wille
Sarah Rand
Mollie Rudnick
Meg Schleppenbach
Liz Lehman

Arshad Ali
Kristen Bradley
Antawun Carter
Asjah Coleman
Dominique Cooper
Anna Dennis
Carmani Edwards
Jacob Engleton
Camille Fajardo
Cayla Harris
Isaiah Harrison
Kalind Haynes
Mariah Helm
Sunny Lee
Kiara Mason
Kimani Mason
Aaliyah Muhammad
Candace Tukes

Hardware Projects
Make an LED Blink
Control Blinking LED with Button
Use a Speaker
Two Note Keyboard
Simple Memory Game
arduino board

Energy, Energy Transfers and Machines

Energy Games and Activities
Energy and Energy Transfers
MSI's Simple Machines on-line interactive
The Elements of Machines


Machines harness energy transfers to complete useful tasks. On Monday, we constructed boats that used energy transfers to make them "go" - Rubber Band Boats, Balloon Boats, and "Secret Potion" Boats. We discovered that all of the boats moved forward through the transfer of energy, although the kind of energy transfer was different among the boats (Rubber Band = Elastic, Balloon = Motion, and "Secret Potion" = Chemical). Once our boats were constructed, we timed them to see how long it took them to get from one end of a large basin to the other, and uploaded this data to Create A Graph. These are our results.

boat races graph
Earth Science

Japan Before and After Tsunami
Plates on the Move
Volcano Explorer

Surface Changes Map

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google map created by interns

Human Body and Exercise Links

Muscle Chart
Muscle Puzzle
Sport Science Videos
“Let’s Move” Video


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table results