Final Report Instructions

For the past 2 months, you have collected data for our Under the Sun project. You should have 8 weeks (16 days) worth of data to help you support or refute your hypothesis. Your final project has two parts; each part has its own separate grade.

  1. Scientific Paper (done INDIVIDUALLY): DUE: 5/17/2010 by 9pm

    This portion will be done on the website. http://hep-outreach.uchicago.edu/2010_TFN You will compile your paper, and type it into the “Final Reports” tab on the website. The format you will follow is listed below.

    The purpose of this paper is twofold: to present information so that it is easy to retrieve, and to present enough information that the reader can duplicate the scientific study. A standard format with six main parts helps readers to find expected information and analysis:

    • Title--subject and what aspect of the subject was studied. (ie: cosmic rays, etc.)
    • Abstract--summary of paper: The main purpose for the study, the primary results, the main conclusions
    • Introduction--why the study was undertaken
    • Methods and Materials--how the study was undertaken
    • Results--what was found
    • Discussion--why these results could be significant (what the reasons might be for the patterns found or not found)

    **Many people, however, find that drafting chunks in this order works best: Results, Discussion, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Abstract, and, finally, Title.

    Paper: 90 points