2009 Summer Outreach Program

The 2009 outreach participants heard lectures from faculty members Young-Kee Kim, Florencia Canelli and Mark Oreglia on topics in physics. The hands-on labs involved designing webpages and designing a binary counter using Altera's Quartus software and DEnano design kit.

Schedule and Flyer

(You can see the lectures linked in this schedule)

The HEP Outreach Program is made possible with support from:

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Here is a Van de Graaff generator
Here is a picture of the aurora borealis
How to make a cloud chamber


Young-Kee Kim
Florencia Canelli
Mark Oreglia


April Austin
Christopher Edmonson
Ahqura Gavin
Hakeem Gill
William Gray
Mister Joy
Jalela Mitchell
Maya Rucker
Folasade Runcie
Ignacio Salinas
Tamara Thomas
Shahadah Triche
Sidney Tyler
Taylor Wallace
Danisha Wilburn
Brandon Wilson


Noah Diamond
Carlos Fernandez
Nailah Hart
Mary Heintz
Jenan Holley-Cuthrell
Chris Meyer
Mark Oreglia
Jackie Whitworth